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Your next level is waiting. I know working together will get you there at an accelerated pace. Don’t take my word for it, scroll below to see client success stories and what’s possible.

Ben Spangl • Entrepreneur • High Performance Coaching Client

“I have higher levels of energy, productivity & consistent routines… and the financial results are showing…

I have higher levels of energy, better sleep, increased productivity, and consistent routines that serve my success. I’m showing up differently and the financial results are showing. I feel alive, grateful, and inspired every day and my ability to manifest comes easy! I’m a better husband, father and leader because of my new supportive beliefs. Above all, I’m more effective which increases time freedom to enjoy life.”

– Ben Spangl
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“I hit $60,000 cash months, doubled business revenue in half the time, and consistently make automated income with courses…

I’ve had an incredible and transformative year, both professionally and personally, thanks to Tiffany. She helped me to break out of self-sabotaging patterns, and I implemented systems and automations that doubled my revenue in half the time. I hit my biggest month yet at $60,000 and have a plan to reach 7 figures this year. We launched a second revenue leg of my business, filled my 1-1 spots, and doubled my pricing. I even launched online courses for passive income. With improved productivity, time management, and support, I no longer sacrifice time with my family. My relationship with my husband and daughter has deepened, and I’ve transformed my mindset and relationship with money.”

– Jenn Fontaine
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Jenn Fontaine • Photographer & Coach • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“Tiffany is like a mini Tony Robbins and helped me transform in the first 15 minutes of each call. She won’t let you get away with playing small. I’ve become more influential in my career and my relationships have up-leveled in big ways especially with my wife. While working together I started owning my dream of creating music and that fills my soul every day. Above all, I quit a lifetime addiction I thought would be part of me forever and I feel more confident and energized than ever before. Those are a few highlights amongst many more and I’m beyond grateful for her support.”

– Danny Thomas


“My business 4X its revenue and I can transform my mindset, energy, and emotions in an instant…

I’ve become the woman I’ve always wanted to be. My confidence is higher than ever and I believe I can do anything successfully. In just a few months my business 4X its revenue. Tiffany gives tough love coaching, sees what you aren’t saying, and pushes you further than you’ve gone. I now have the tools to transform my mindset, energy, and emotions in an instant.”

– Erin McLain
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Erin McLain • Founder of Mclain Leadership • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“I had my biggest month in business, started another company, lost 13 pounds, and feel significantly more confident…

Working with Tiffany led me to achieve my biggest month in business and start a new company. Her productivity tools helped cut my workday from 14 to 4 hours, increasing my effectiveness and yielding significant results from my daily habits. I now possess the tools required to adjust my mindset; I’ve implemented high-performance routines, gained clarity on my financial picture, changed my money habits, and made a plan to achieve my wealth goals. I expanded my communication skills, developing more profound connections. I sharpened my influence and persuasion skills, increasing the closed deals in my business. Overall I feel healthier, lost 13 pounds, sleep better, and have more happiness and energy! Tiffany guides me with absolute clarity and focus, challenging me to dream bigger, have higher standards, and be my best self.”

– Briana Reyes
Crystal Mckenzie • Life & Business Coach • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“I launched a podcast, rebranded my business & hit my highest income month ever (multiple 5 figures)…

Honestly, Tiffany is the best coach I’ve had; she wants you to win, fights for your potential, and teaches you how to create life and business success in your unique way. I had my biggest month in business, optimized my sales process, rebranded my website, attract ideal clients, and launched a Podcast. We transformed my relationship with money, and I have a system to track and analyze my financial picture easily. I’m more consistent with business actions and overall more productive, and I have strategies to break free from my mind when it wants to sabotage me. Tiffany gives tough love coaching, is very honest with what she sees. She asks excellent questions and is fully present and engaged during our sessions. If you’re looking for a coach who understands business, and is heart-centered and intuitive, Tiffany’s the coach for you.”

– Crystal Mckenzie
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Client Daily Discussions

Tiffany’s private clients receive daily access to her via voice coaching so they can achieve accelerated transformations. Here are a few examples of those conversations.

Imagine having a 7+ figure mentor in your pocket to receive instant support whenever you need it. How would your life or business change if you had that level of care? Tiffany’s clients have MASSIVE transformations daily because of this level of energy. See example conversations below

“I’m living with increased clarity and peace, created an effective schedule I love, and attracted incredible opportunities…

Working with Tiffany, I clarified my goals and the direction for my life and business, bringing immense peace. I have higher confidence levels and make bold moves and decisions without allowing others to knock me off course. I am more intentional with my time, energy, and choices, and aligning money decisions with my values. Tiffany’s energy, openness, and empathy are remarkable, and she truly cares about your success and happiness happening. She’s helped me to get back on track with building my business, and I’ve hired a team and created a big vision for my company which feels incredible. After every call with Tiffany, I feel a greater sense of direction and a road map to accomplish my goals, allowing me to take massive action.”

– Chris Flotten
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Chris Flotten • Founder High Performance Nation • High Performance Coaching Client

“I have a lot less self-doubts…

Ever since working with Tiffany, I have a lot less self-doubts. Before I always had this feeling that my ideas wouldn’t work. Now I know it was just my subconscious mind and old programming holding me back from what I wanted. She’s been able to teach me how to rewire my brain so it supports me in creating the life and business I desire. I now have the ability to rapidly shift out of those old programs when they try to give me input. This has allowed me to show up more confidently in my life and I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Very empowering. Thanks, Tiffany.”

– Joe Puetz
Aaron Thweatt • Founder of A Man Understands • High Performance Coaching Client

“Tiffany helped me sort through all my ideas and find clarity on my next big step…

Tiffany gave me tools and practices to get things done more productively. She helped me connect with my BIG WHY of what I’m doing and who I’m serving which helped gain momentum. Tiffany is a proven entrepreneur and way more than just an accountability partner in her coaching. She got me to the next level by challenging me to step up and live my potential.”

– Aaron Thweatt
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Client Daily Discussions

Here are a few MORE examples of those conversations.

“If you’re looking to exponentially skyrocket your business, Tiffany is the coach for you. I can’t say enough amazing things. I wanted to take my coaching business to the next level of income & impact but was feeling stuck on how to make it happen. That completely changed after our very first call. The clarity, confidence, and certainty I’ve gained about my path forward, the inevitability of fulfilling my mission, and being a business owner, has been tremendous thanks to working with her. There’s also something about being in her energy that inspires me to step into my greatness every day; this is truly priceless, as anyone who has worked with an exceptional mentor will know. I highly recommend her!”
– Amanda Luketa

Transformation Coach

“I left my job and launched 3 businesses while working with her what an accomplishment…

I’m moving towards my goals with momentum and it feels good. I have improved mental energy and clarity, a clear path ahead, my awareness is astounding and I’m getting more done in WAY less time. I’ve adopted new supportive beliefs and am thinking bigger than ever. I learned the skills to move through challenges quickly and am being a better leader for my team.”

– Laura Beth
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Laura Beth • Founder of Damn It Girls • High Performance Coaching Client

“She (Tiffany) is a wealth of knowledge, an incredible strategist and marketer…

Tiffany is an incredible mentor that touches every aspect of life in a fun, passionate, and supportive way. I was facing a huge personal challenge for 5 years which kept me stuck in the past. With her loving and reassuring support, she became a rock for me to face my demons. Without her, I would still be stuck. She’s fantastic at identifying hidden blind spots that hold you back and provides the tools and strategies to move forward efficiently. She is a wealth of knowledge, an incredible strategist and marketer, and taught me things I didn’t know I needed to know. Above all, she deeply loves and cares for you. She is your biggest cheerleader and is fully committed to your success.”

– Jenn Ferreira
Lisa Windfield • Peak Performance Coach • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“I had instant progress, motivation and inspiration for my business and achieved my first $10,000 month…

In a short time, I hired a VA, created a scalable offer suite and got clear on my messaging. Tiffany helped expand my vision and map out an aligned marketing strategy. We did a rebrand which up leveled my authority in the market. She taught me how to listen to my intuition and trust myself and as a result my influence, persuasion skills and confidence increased.”

– Lisa Windfield
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“Working with Tiffany has made me feel like I know what I’m doing as a business owner. I think about where I was a year ago trying to do “all the things” she’s helped me accomplish in a short period of time. I finally trust myself as an Entrepreneur and that’s worth the investment alone. It doesn’t hurt how inspiring she truly is. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and am looking forward to learning and growing even more with her continued insights and powerful coaching.”
– Raven Nicole

Spirituality Coach

“I replaced my corporate income in 6 months, my business has generated $700,000 in a short time, I’m making automated income with courses, scaled my group programs, and achieved my highest income months at $72,000…

I replaced my corporate salary with my company in 6 months, my business has generated $700,000 in a short time, and I am working in my business full time now. I’ve created online courses that bring in automated money every month. I make money while I sleep, hosted multiple in-person events, tripled my 1-1 pricing, and scaled 3 group coaching programs, and hit my highest income months at $72,000. I increased my audience and hired incredible team members. My confidence and happiness are at an all time high and I learned how to manifest easily. I’m enjoying life’s magic. I stopped obsessing about business 24/7 and increased my family time. I’m a better coach by learning and implementing Tiffany’s tools and my clients are having BIG breakthroughs. Tiffany has a magical pocket of powerful questions and strategies to help you get the breakthrough fast.”

– Yuri Damitz
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Yuri Damitz • Founder of Happily Ever After • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“Working with Tiffany has been a game changer!…

Tiffany shares her experiences and knowledge in a way that is clear and concise. She simplifies the process to make the next level achievable. I have gained more confidence and shifted my mindset to believe that I can accomplish my dreams. I also have the tools necessary to change old patterns that weren’t serving me. Working with Tiffany has been a game changer!”

– Terri Ronna
Jackie Baker • High Performance Coach • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“I launched my coaching business, mapped out a simple marketing plan, and transformed my relationship with money…

Tiffany helped me gain the courage and confidence to invest in myself and sign up for the world’s top coaching certification, and I am so glad I leaped. We clarified my vision and zoned in on the impact I want to create in the world with my coaching program. Together we created a marketing plan to launch my new coaching practice and worked on messaging, branding, and client attraction. It was nice being mentored by her and experiencing different coaching techniques I can use with my clients. Tiffany also taught me how to organize finances and create a great relationship with money. I am so happy I’ve gained solid momentum in this new business endeavor.”

– Jackie Baker
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“Tiffany has been an invaluable resource for me as an entrepreneur. She is a wealth of information on time management, tech coordination and general business principles. What I appreciate most about Tiffany is that she walks her talk; she knows business freedom because she lives it and the information she shared with me was tested and immensely helpful. I would recommend her unreservedly.”
– Sarah Reilly

Performance Coach

“I’m feeling in alignment with my goals, mission, and the magic I want to create…

Tiffany helped me see my impossible goals in a way that seemed possible. I have newfound energy and motivation to achieve my dreams. I’m feeling in alignment with my goals, mission, and the magic I want to create in my business. In our very first session, I felt massively transformed. Working with Tiffany has been the best investment in my life and business.”

– Ailish Lucas
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Ailish Lucas • Founder of Glow Getter Collective • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“I’ve grown my email list by thousands…

I was scared shitless for my business and was in tears daily. After working with Tiffany the growth I’ve seen, the clarity I have, and the hope I feel makes me cry big fat tears of joy. I’ve grown my email list by thousands, launched my first online course, put systems into my business which has given me time freedom. She also taught me her productivity strategies and I was able to gain back 80 hours a month that was being wasted. I can now invest that time doing what I love. I also started a meditation practice and am seeing the relationship with my kids and husband shift in big ways. I’m so much happier and it’s true relief.”

– Myra Fiacco

High Performance Coaching
Client Case Studies

Achieve these
Achieve these

“My mindset is at an all-time high, and I’ve been taking exponential action to achieve my goals. I’ve started a successful business, hired employees, created a client acquisition process which leads to consistent closed deals worth 10,000 to 30,000 thousand each. My energy is overflowing and I have a heightened sense of awareness and presence. Starting a meditation practice has been huge for my mental well-being. I’ve found deep meaning in my work and connection with my family. I feel more confident as an entrepreneur and know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I’m in the best health and shape of my life, and I’ve shifted my mindset with money. 10/10 positive changes are an understatement!”

– Mychael Reyes

Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

Crezelle Caintic • Entrepreneur • High Performance Coaching Client

“I increased my energy, productivity, courage and the ability to control my mind with ease…

I was able to clarify my purpose and goals and create an action plan to achieve them. I increased my energy, productivity, courage and the ability to control my mind. I have an empowering mindset and become more present and intentional in my relationships. I feel peaceful and a deeper love for myself. Working with her created a holistic transformation in all areas of my life.”

– Crezelle Caintic
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“I launched multiple businesses and I am being more decisive, confident, productive, and effective at project management…

I learned the tools to be decisive, allowing me to gain momentum and accelerate progress. Tiffany helped me increase my influence and persuasion to feel confident in business settings allowing me to connect deeper with peers in my industry and build a network of high-profile individuals. She taught me how to embody the person I want to be and got me out of a long-lasting funk. I am most proud of becoming “The CEO” avatar, having more confidence in running my business. I developed the skills to be an effective leader with my team, and the organization is seeing massive achievements. While working with her, I launched two other companies and have the tools to manage all my projects productively and effectively. After each call, I have increased clarity and motivation and never feel lost on what to do next.”

– Jordan Davis

“I doubled my pricing multiple times due to my newfound confidence and started attracting ideal clients…

We built a marketing plan for my business that felt easy. She gave me in-depth feedback on how to attract ideal clients. I doubled my pricing 2X due to my newfound confidence. She showed me how to hire a team and build systems that make me feel like a solid business. My performance went to a new level, and I became the person needed to achieve my goals.”

– Renee Dominuez
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Renee Dominguez • Founder Empowered Leadership • High Performance Business Coaching Client
“I had the idea to start a business several years ago, and Tiffany helped me develop the courage to launch it. Which has had a positive impact on the way I view my capabilities and what I can achieve. Tiffany has taught me several tools to deal with mindset challenges as they arise effectively. Through the coaching, I feel more proactive and in control of my life and business results. I’ve adopted a new identity as an Entrepreneur, put myself out there, and built a community around me of like-minded people. I have increased productivity, created solid business routines, and have reliable strategies to manage tasks effectively. Our sessions are fun, and I enjoy the mix of mindset work and practical help with business questions. After each call, I feel energized and have a clear plan for moving my goals forward.”
– Andrea P.


Joyce Aikiko • Systems Strategist • High Performance Business Coaching Client

“Tiffany transformed my business and gave me massive (and I mean MASSIVE!) mindset breakthroughs within 2 weeks…

She has guided me through her high-performance coaching in both personal development AND business strategy with actionable items that I can follow and see instant results in my company’s growth. I recommend her to anyone who’s ready for a quantum leap in their business with 100% confidence that she will help skyrocket your revenue and land you straight into your dreams and goals.”

– Joyce Aikiko
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“I’m living inspired, started a new business, achieved a rockin’ body, and being productive and energized…

Working with Tiffany has been an amazing life-changing experience. She makes me sweat and challenges me to rise to a new standard. I have increased clarity, awareness, influence, leadership, and happiness and feel like the most unstoppable inspired version of myself. With Tiffany’s tools, I can now turn off negative stories and flip the switch to positive, supportive ones. I crafted an identity of my best self and embody that version of me every day to move the needle faster. My health, energy, and body have transformed. My effectiveness, focus, and productivity have skyrocketed. I’m operating more intentionally, and my relationship with my wife and kids has deepened. I am a better leader for my team. I started my own company and am taking consistent action to build long-term wealth. I am grateful for all the growth I’ve achieved and excited to see what the future holds.”

– Dave Abesamis

More Client Success Stories

Tiffany is a wonder! She single-handedly taught me the ins and outs of Facebook advertising allowing me to 10x my reach on the platform which has led to business growth, more visibility, and increased revenue. She has been invaluable in keeping me focused and on track toward my goals. Tiffany is a force of nature who’s an incredible cheerleader to have on your side. She is very savvy and insightful as an Entrepreneur and just very very caring. I couldn’t do it without her!

Linda Mordan
Strategic Interventionist

Tiffany is a patient and action oriented coach — just what I need as an entrepreneur navigating my own business after 25 years in corporate America. She knows her stuff, but always meets me “where I am” — meaning fast when I need fast… and slow when I need slow. Thanks Tiffany!

Stacey Staaterman
Career Coach

If you’re looking to transform your business Tiffany is the woman to use. She not only delivers practical easy to implement strategies that immediately impact cash flow but does so in a playful loving way. She is such a wealth of information and I’m so grateful for her!

Megan Riley
Relationship Coach

I am so thankful to have come across an amazing mentor like Tiffany. She has facilitated so many profound shifts for me. I don’t even know how to begin to thank her. She is a fantastic facilitator and holds space for me to have deep inner clarity. I leave every call feeling filled with her energy and support. I’ve been able to transform into a completely different person in a short time and finally have given myself permission to go after my dream.

Lara Q.

Tiffany is a gem, of a businesswoman, of a coach and as a friend. Her sweet genuine nature and nurturing demeanor, make her the consummate example of modern-day entrepreneur extraordinaire. Regardless of what you may be trying to achieve in life, her objectivity and grace are undeniably inspiring and encouraging – I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Gaetane Joseph
Fashion Stylist

Not only is Tiffany a genuine, caring and astute life coach, it is very clear to me that she just wants to help people live a full and more meaningful life. Talk about living on purpose….you are certainly helping me. So grateful to you Tiffany!

Debbie Slazer
Life Coach

Tiffany is the real deal she starts with the basics she listens and gives you feedback that is clear and life changing. She delivers value with every session she is simply the best.

Jacquie Alicia
Health Coach

Tiffany’s guidance and support have been so incredible. She always reminds me of my power and capability. She’s been a shining light for me and my champion. Tiffany is a pillar of strength while I navigate through this roller coaster of being an entrepreneur. She always seems to remind me of who I am when I forget. I’m so lucky to have her by my side. Love you Tiff!

Shannon Mann

In a short time working with Tiffany, my speaking gigs and online launches were successful and it seems as though everything I touch turns to gold. But of course…because Tiffany taught me how to make that part of my identity. I’m currently working on 10Xing my results and have the tools and mindset necessary to do it with ease. I’ve met with numerous coaches and none of them can compare to the work I’ve done with Tiffany. She’s very generous with time and resources and I’m forever grateful.

Omar Williams

Tiffany is one of the strongest people I know. I’m floored by her presence, drive, and passion every time we speak. She always brings me back into alignment and helps create momentum with every call. Since working with her I’ve been featured on the front page of the newspaper and started to create videos for my brand which used to scare the life out of me. I’m so blessed to have her endless love and support on this journey.

Sandra Thomas

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