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Tiffany Julie

Certified High Performance Coach

Fulfill Your Potential

Work With
Tiffany Julie

Certified High Performance Coach

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"Tiffany Julie assists her clients in developing the mindset, energy, and habits, needed for success and long-lasting change."

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Tiffany Julie Is A World-Leading International Speaker, 7 Figure Entrepreneur And Certified High Performance Coach

Her passion is to help you, discover your power, ignite your passion and unleash your potential. After a life-altering experience, Tiffany Julie became an expert in mindset and manifestation while traveling the world building multiple businesses from her laptop.

An accident that led Tiffany to go blind sent her on a journey within to discover the tools that activate human potential. This was the turning point that allowed her to discover her purpose which is supporting others in fulfilling their highest potential.

She went on to heal herself when the doctors told her she would NEVER see again while building a 7+ figure business and traveling the world. Tiffany has defied all odds of what is normal, possible or realistic. Because of this, her coaching approach is different than others as she’s discovered the tools necessary to activate your innate power within.

Her programs provide a holistic approach with powerful tools that unleash fast results.

Tiffany Julie assists her clients in developing the mindset, energy, and habits needed for success and long-lasting change. Her clients rapidly transform from overwhelm, low energy, and under-fulfilled to thriving in their personal and professional life.

As a 7-figure entrepreneur, Tiffany Julie has been featured on well-respected brands such as Women In Business, Business Method, and High Performance Institute. As the leading authority in self-connection and mindset, Tiffany is a highly sought-after speaker and success coach. She works with CEO’s, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Consultants, Scientists, Healers and leaders on topics such as life redesign, subconscious behaviors, energy hacking, manifestation, quantum theory, abundance hacking, and High Performance.

Tiffany’s passion for helping others achieve limitless personal and financial abundance is powered by a vision…Where every human has the ability to unlock his or her greatness. With Tiffany’s guidance, her clients easily step into a vibrant, joy-filled, and abundant life with more energy, wellness, success, and happiness.


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The real story behind a 7-figure Entrepreneur..

Truth is I always knew deep down I was meant for BIG things and that I was a powerful, passionate, smart woman. But I had no idea how to create a life and business that would allow me to feel fulfilled, happy, and free.

What I didn’t realize was that I had been preparing to live my dream life for my whole life. I always had the go-getter attitude and when I decided I wanted something I didn’t stop until I got it. I never took the conventional path. I’ve always had a skill for following my heart and intuition.

I opted out of college and instead went on a series of adventures to discover myself and my path. Although I never took the conventional road I still allowed modern-day society to guide me in thinking that money, things, and achievements outside of me would ultimately make me happy and fulfilled.

I’m undeniable proof that the traditional rules are meant to be broken!

From traveling the world bartending, to becoming a yacht captain delivering boats all over the globe, to getting my real estate license, to founding a yacht restoration company, to living on my sailboat and sailing the open seas, to starting and scaling an online e-comm store to 7+ figures, to getting certified to be a high performance coach, to healing myself from something the doctors thought was impossible, I’m undeniable proof that the traditional rules are meant to be broken!
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I spent the next decade striving for the next level of success and money to fill a DEEP void within myself.

I thought I was doing it right but it felt SO wrong. From the outside, my life looked amazing. I had a successful business, a house on the water, a shiny new BMW, a 40K engagement ring, and more boats than I could count. I went on lavish trips, made up my own rules but the thing is I was dying inside and no one knew it but me.

All I had was money to show and we all know money’s not enough in the end. This led me to an early mid-life crisis that woke me up to the fact that something had to change. It felt like I was in a long cycle of waiting for my dreams to catch up to my life. I wish someone would have told me earlier that fulfillment comes from within and happiness isn’t something you can buy but it’s something you create.

That early mid-life crisis led me to sell everything I owned, breaking off my engagement and buying a one-way ticket to Thailand. I KNEW there was so much more I had to give, more depth and service I was meant to do on this planet. I KNEW I wanted to help people in such a BIGGER way than fixing their yachts but I didn’t know what, how, or who. Until an accident that sent me on an introspective journey within and changed my life forever…

I woke up on my 32nd birthday completely BLIND! This divine storm led me to the most challenging phase of my life.

After being rushed to the hospital the leading specialists had no good news. They didn’t know what dissolved my corneas or if I would regain my vision. To express the way I felt as frightened would be a stark understatement. My life had changed overnight.

Test after test doctor after doctor I felt like a science experiment. Here I was at the place that should have the answers but all I was told was take it 1 day at a time. That became my mantra for the next 2 years and still is.

One day at a time I started my life over, learning how to live without sight. I made a decision at that moment I was NOT going to let this ruin me or stop me in any way from living my dreams, finding my purpose and living into my potential.

Vision or no vision I decided to continue my plan of opening up an online eCommerce store that would allow me to travel the world. My computer was set up with handicap capabilities and I got started. Making one small step each day in the direction of my dream.

The doctors told me I would never see again and there was nothing they could do for me.

At that moment I was determined not to let their limited view be my destiny. I took matters in my own hands and started finding proof that I could heal myself. This sent me not only a physical journey but an inner healing process that eventually led me to regain my vision and defy the odds.

I like to call this process a journey to inner mastery. I’m often asked how I did it and here’s my answer. I started owning my energy and learning how to harness it as a force of good. I became resilient in my mindset and discovered how to hack my subconscious mind and rig it in my favor. I healed old emotional wounds and channeled guidance from my higher self. I became the alchemist of my body so I could release chemicals necessary to heal. I implemented high performance habits such as energy hacking and applied quantum manifestation principals so I could co-create with Universal energy.

It was within that time I realized my potential and higher purpose. Which is to lead others in activating their personal power so they create a life and business that fulfills their soul and gives them ultimate freedom.

You have innate wisdom and power inside of you..

And it’s my job to help you unlock it. You haven’t even scratched the surface of what you’re capable of. It’s time to own your truth, carve your path, and rise into your next level because you deserve it!

Tiffany Julie has dedicated her life to uncovering the secrets to happiness, health, success, and abundance.

She’s done this with mentorship from the most successful, compassionate leaders of our time such as Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Rory Vaden, Doctor Joe Dispenza, and Mastin Kipp to name a few. Tiffany Julie is an eternal student of love and life and has found her passion and purpose in empowering others.
Tiffany Julie With Lewis Howe
Lewis Howe

Lewis Howe is NY Times bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach, world-class keynote speaker, and founder of the Greatness Mastermind.

Tiffany Julie With Mastin Kipp
Mastin Kipp

Mastin Kipp is a number one bestselling author, peak performance coach, life interventionist, and founder of Functional Life Coaching and The Daily Love brand.

Tiffany Julie With Brendon Burchard
Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high performance coach, a New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, and followed personal development trainers in history.

Tiffany Julie With Rory Vaden
Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden is a New York Times bestselling author, self-discipline strategist, hall of fame speaker, and founder of Brand Builders group and Southwestern Consulting.

A note from me to you..

You have a deep innate wisdom, power and potential that lives inside of you and it’s my job to help you unlock it. You haven’t even scratched the surface of what you’re capable of. I’m here to be a living example of what’s possible for you.

I’ve learned the tools necessary to radically change my life. If I can do it you can too. You don’t have to wait for something like “going blind” to wake you up to change. You have everything within you now to radically shift your existence but you have to make the decision your worthy of that life.

I ignored the call I was meant for more for WAY too long because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of judgment. I’m here to tell you that call doesn’t go away it only gets louder until you take the steps to fulfill your unique purpose. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know what I mean. You’re hearing the call and it’s time to own your truth, carve your path, and rise into your next level.
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Here’s how I can help you..

Tiffany Julie’s company was built on a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good. Through her free content, online training programs and coaching she’s in this to make a difference. To help you live a fully charged life.
Tiffany has spent years of her life diversifying her tools as an energetic leader so she could amplify her abilities to serve you.

Tiffany is trained in many arts such as Mindset Practices, Subconscious Behaviors, Positive Psychology, Physiology Hacks, NLP techniques, Neuroscience, High Performance Habits, Holistic Medicine, Breathwork, Meditation, and other healing modalities that assist in deep transformation. This is what makes her process of transformation unique.

The programs below have enabled participants to step into their inner wisdom and infinite power. Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your personal life, we’re here to help you overcome your obstacles and embody your greatest potential.

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