What To Expect Next

  • You should have an email waiting in your inbox with the call details.
  • We will be meeting on Zoom for our call. This will be an audio call only.
  • I ask you to show up to the call distraction free so we can do our best work together. After all these 60 minutes can change everything for you. But you have to be focused for that to happen.
  • Be sure to bring a notebook and pen because I’ll ask you to write your take a ways down. It’s so that you fire and wire this information into your neural pathways in the brain so you remember it.
  • Lastly I want you to bring the energy. I’m going to show up with full vibrancy and I expect you do the same. I challenge my clients to bring their A game to all they do, after all that’s what being a high performer is all about. So consider this your practice session

Until our call be sure to bring the joy and I look forward to supporting you!

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