Manifest Now With These Four Steps

Personal Development

Manifest Now With These Four Steps

Personal Development

Have you ever tried to manifest and it didn’t work? I have more times than I can count and know how frustrating it can be. When I started experimenting with manifestation it confused the heck out of me. And with so many “gurus” out there it’s hard to know which advice to follow.

After 5 years of experimenting with the process, I’ve come to find out it’s not that complicated after all. In fact, there are only 4 steps to turn your manifestations into a reality. These are the exact steps I’ve taken to attract my soul mate, build a 7 figure business, and heal myself when I went blind. And my clients have manifested endless amounts of money, opportunities, and love. So I’m confident this process is repeatable.

Think about how it will feel knowing you can manifest anything you desire? I’m here to tell you It feels absolutely incredible and It still blows my mind how quickly I can manifest things. I want that for you too. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Step #1: Have a clear intention!

The problem is most people don’t know what they want! It’s like getting in the car and telling the GPS to take you somewhere amazing. How is the GPS supposed to know what amazing means to you? You might end up arriving at the beach when you really wanted to go to the mountains. See what I mean?

The universe, god, source energy or whatever you believe in, can not co-create with you when you aren’t clear on the outcome. Manifestation starts with a clear intention and telling the universe exactly what you want. It’s the same process when you order at a restaurant. You give the waiter your order and it arrives 20 minutes later. Manifestation is no different.

Let’s do a little storytelling. Four years ago my desire was to receive 7 figures in my business. So I wrote myself a “fake” check representing that 7 figures and put my order in with the universe. Sure enough in that exact time frame what I wanted manifested. I had officially owned a 7 figure business. But here’s the catch. I wanted 7 figures in profit but what I got was 7 figures in sales. Two very different numbers. 7 figures in sales doesn’t mean you make 7 figures in profit. See how being super clear is very important.

I’m challenging you right now to get super clear on your intentions, place your order with the universe, and watch the miracles arrive.

Step #2: Get into elevated emotions!

You have to be an energetic match for what you’re manifesting otherwise it won’t happen. For example, if you’re in a state of worry you’ll attract experiences that create more worry. However, if you’re in a state of joy you’ll attract experiences that create joy.

But it goes deeper than that. Each of us has our own energetic blueprint when it comes to manifesting. So how do you find out what yours is?

It’s easy. Think about how you’ll feel once the manifestation occurs? For example, if you’re manifesting more money how will you feel when the money is in your bank account? Maybe you’ll feel supported, limitless, energized. Whatever those emotions are is unique to you and your manifesting blueprint. And it’s your job to get into those emotions as much as possible throughout the day.

But don’t make yourself wrong if you aren’t there all the time. The goal isn’t to pretend to be happy, it’s to actually feel happy. It’s impossible to do that 24/7 because we’re living a human experience full of emotional ranges. The goal is to be an energetic match more of the time than not. When you do that’s when your frequency and vibe matches what you want and boom your manifestation will arrive shortly.

Step #3: Take inspired action!

There is a BIG difference between inspired action and regular action. Inspired action energizes you and excites you. It’s those times when you’re so lit about something you can’t help but want to work on it. Regular action is typically full of “shoulds”. All the things we “think” we need to do in order to manifest. Typically the things you have to force yourself to do.

Those “shoulds” come straight from your ego. Where inspired action is delivered through your heart aka your intuition. And If you didn’t know your intuition is a superpower that can guide you straight to your manifestation.

But in order to hear it, you have to ask for guidance and give the space to receive it. And when you receive the answer, take immediate action, trust the process and I guarantee your manifestations will arrive quickly.

Step #4: Release the outcome!

So many of us set an intention to manifest and then check in on it regularly. It’s like we’re looking for it constantly. This energy repels your manifestation and stalls the process.

Instead, trust you’ve put your order in with the universe and it’s getting to work for you. The name of the game is to be ok with the outcome either way. Because when you’re being needy and in a state of wanting, hoping, and wishing you’re in a lack mindset. Whereas if your belief was “of course” it will manifest because that’s just who I am and I’m cool either way because I’ve got everything I need, that’s an abundant mindset. Which is exactly the state to be in to receive.

Example. If you ask your boyfriend to take you to the movies you wouldn’t ask him every 5 minutes if he bought the tickets yet. That would be annoying and make him not want to take you. Instead, you trust that he’ll buy the tickets. The process with manifestation is no different.

Think about how you can trust the process more and how you can live into an abundant mindset this week.

Try these 4 steps to manifest anything now. I can guarantee your life will be transformed.

Cheering you on always
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Tiffany Julie is a leading High-Performance Success Coach and 7+ Figure Entrepreneur. Her mission is to help others step into their highest potential by mastering every area of their life. She helps her clients manifest exponential results through high-performance habits, mindset reprogramming techniques, wealth energetics, manifestation principles, & high-level business strategies.

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