Crush Self Doubt For Good

Personal Development

Crush Self Doubt For Good

Personal Development

At one point or another, we all come up against self-doubt. And let’s face it, self-doubt can be pretty crippling. You know the thoughts that tell you, I’m not ready, I’m not good enough, or questioning whether you’re making the right decision.

If you don’t get a hold of that quickly you can find yourself going into a spiral of negativity that’s hard to break out of. And even though most of us know that we still allow self-doubt to rule the roost and hold us back from making forward progress.

In this training, I’m going to teach you 3 great ways to break loose from that immediately so you can get on with what you’re meant to do. Because I know you have bigger and better things to accomplish in the world.

When I implemented these techniques my revenue exploded, my confidence increased, and my energy soared. And my clients have gone from having low self-esteem and being stuck with no results to having massive momentum towards their dreams.

These exercises will break you free from self-doubt and help uplevel your confidence so you finally feel empowered and free.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Action #1: Get your body in motion!

I learned this from Tony Robbins, the master of motivation himself. Why though? Because emotion is simply energy in motion. And self-doubt is an emotion we want to move quickly out of the body. I do this by simply getting up and going outside for a walk, dancing it off or doing jumping jacks. Really anything that gets you moving is key.

When your body is in motion you drop out of the head and back into the body. Why is this important? Because your limiting beliefs come from your mind and your intuition lives in your heart. Your heart would never question you and your ability to do something. So the more we live in a heart-centered way the less self-doubt we have.

Your heart is where your best self speaks to you. And when you can operate from that voice instead of the negative committee, you’ll feel more energized and capable than ever before.

Action #2: Question the self-doubt!

By questioning limiting beliefs you diffuse the negative hold they have on you. Your mind only believes things you affirm and by questioning something you’re doing the opposite. I have two powerful questions to ask in moments of self-doubt. These questions will help you see how ridiculous the negative committee can truly be.

The first question, “Is this true?” For example, If you’re doubting your ability to pull something off ask if that’s true. Really think about it. Is that your truth? Are you really not going to do everything in your power to create the outcome you want? You likely set this goal for yourself because you knew you could do it.

Next, get some evidence. Think about all the times you’ve pushed through and conquered something difficult. Because if you’re here with me today I know you’ve done great things. By shifting the focus from “Can I really do that?” reviewing all the things you’ve done makes that question seem ridiculous. Helping you to laugh at it and move forward.

The second question is “Who’s voice is this anyway?” Oftentimes our self-doubt comes from the past when a nah sayer or family member told us our dream was ridiculous. Or you could have learned it when you were a child. For example, If your mom doubted herself and consistently reaffirmed limiting statements then it’s likely you picked up bad patterns from a young age. When I ask myself who’s voice is this, it always ties back to someone else. But we don’t want to allow outside influences to sway our decisions. It’s time to clear them out for good and get back to your own powerful truth.

Action #3: Is action!

The best way to move through self-doubt quickly is to take action. When you take action you don’t have time to go down the negative spiral with yourself. Think about it, when you’re moving forward you feel so much better than sitting around in self-pity right? And the more momentum you get, the more confidence you’ll gain and it becomes an upward spiral. Helping you to accomplish even more.

Self-doubt only sticks around if you accept, believe, and surrender to it. But by taking action you’re proving to yourself you can do it. And over time if you’re consistent the self-doubt voice will lessen and you’ll feel so much better.

Start implementing these techniques in your life and I can guarantee massive results. A few last reminders.

  • When your mind tells you, you aren’t ready, look for all the reasons why you are and take action.
  • When your mind asks if you’re making the right decision, tell it you’re in learning mode and there is no right or wrong. Only lessons to be learned that will make you stronger.
  • When your mind tells you “You’re not good enough” get some evidence that proves the opposite.
Cheering you on always
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Tiffany Julie is a leading High-Performance Success Coach and 7+ Figure Entrepreneur. Her mission is to help others step into their highest potential by mastering every area of their life. She helps her clients manifest exponential results through high-performance habits, mindset reprogramming techniques, wealth energetics, manifestation principles, & high-level business strategies.

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