How I “Create” Time

Jun, 2018 | Productivity, Weekly Training

How I “Create” Time

Jun 7, 2018 | Productivity, Weekly Training


Let’s face’s never been easier to make money online in the history of the internet. Thank you FB ads, Google, Social media, Project management tools, online meeting rooms and so much more. All we have to do is learn how to use them effectively and voila you have a way to build a location independent business making 6+7 figures relatively quickly.

But the reality is these tools can cause MASSIVE overwhelm and especially for the newbie entrepreneur. It’s super easy to get lost and not know what’s important to work on or learn how to use, or which one to use, and everyone seems to have the magically way to success but reality is we get to choose our own path. Boy, do I wish someone told me that in the beginning.

When I first started my online business I was so overwhelmed and thought I had to learn everything I literally started retracting sleep hours and trading them for working hours. After about 8 months of that and 0$ to show for it, I went into burn out. 3 weeks with nothing but a dark cold room, wine, and Netflix. But I had to have a hard honest conversation with myself about how this wasn’t going to be sustainable. So I sought out the answers.

I found successful people and made them my mentor, I hired high-level coaches who were where I wanted to be and implemented everything they were telling me. And poof, not even 6 months in I had my first 5 figure month. The secret sauce I found along the journey of figuring it out was this little thing called “PLANNING”. Yes, planning. That’s it, that’s what changed my world for the better and helped my business to grow to a multiple 6 figure gem.

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So today I want to share my strategy with you in this training.

How I plan my days, weeks, months, and quarters all started with 1 thing. Knowing where I was already spending my time.

Step 1.
Track your time for an entire week. I have provided you a handy PDF time tracker so it’s easy breezy for you. Keep the print out by your desk and write down in 30 min increments what you did. This will help you to see where your time is currently going.

Step 2.
Categorize the tasks you did into business building activities or business maintenance activities. I bet you if you aren’t getting the results you desire most of your time is being spent in business maintenance. Add up the time and take a good hard look at where you’re at today. *THIS WILL BE EYE OPENING.

Step 3.
Pull out your ToDo list and I want you to ask yourself the following question.

Can anything on this list be…
• Eliminated or scheduled out at another time?
• Automated with an automation tool?
• Delegated to a new hire or an existing team member?

If you do this I can guarantee you will gain massive momentum and be able to start spending your time on what matters which is business building activities always.

Although this seems so simple remember common sense is not always common practice. Be sure to watch the video training where I go in depth on the ways you can create more time because who doesn’t want more time to do what they love, spend with family, invest back into your business! Be sure to leave a comment below and tell me what your #1 challenge is around planning in your business. I am here to support you anyway I can. See you in the training.

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THIS CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

Work With Me
THIS CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

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