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Private mentorship any time, anywhere for the ambitious go-getter who’s ready for more time, freedom, fulfillment, opportunities, growth & money!

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Imagine having a Forbes Featured, 7+ Figure Entrepreneur, & Success Coach in your back pocket to receive real-time support & guidance whenever needed.

Get high-level coaching from someone with proven strategies, tools, and resources to help you quantum leap. Have me on speed dial, where I will challenge and push you out of your comfort zone so you step into elevated power, confidence, potency, and energy.

We will uncover the holes in your strategy and blocks in your energy and mindset so you easily live your best life, earn more money, show up as the best version of yourself, and create the next level of success. Guaranteed!
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Here’s The Scoop…

How Voxer Voice Coaching Works

Get the mentorship needed to get out of your own way, take serious action, and end the outdated emotions and beliefs keeping you underperforming.


Voxer is a free app that allows us to communicate through voice, video, and text messages. It’s also great for sharing resource files when you need additional support. This safe, secure, and robust app is excellent for getting things done effectively.

Voice coaching is similar to traditional coaching, but instead of video calls, we use the Voxer app to communicate, strategize, and collaborate. You get unlimited access Tuesday-Friday during office hours, where you get instant breakthroughs to step into your next level of success quickly!
Voxer Mentorship is the perfect fit for you if you live a busy lifestyle and struggle to commit to scheduled calls or if you like having a mentor in your back pocket, to access whenever you need it.
This is a life-friendly way of coaching. We will exchange messages throughout the day, sometimes back and forth, or within the gaps of our to-do list. You will have space to think, journal, and take action, making voice coaching so effective. It is a great way to get coaching without investing in a high-ticket program or signing a long-term contract.
In this program, I provide high-touch, bespoke mentorship covering all aspects of life, performance, business, and money, personally tailored to YOU.

IMAGINE How Your Life & Business Would Shift If You Had That Level Of Attention & Focus

What would your daily progress be if you didn’t work through challenges alone?

How would your mindset change if you immediately broke out of negative voices?

What momentum would you create by staying on track with your habits and routines?

How effective would you be if you got instant clarity on your next step?

What would your bank account look like if you talked to a 7-figure earner daily about money? How to receive it, manage, invest, and grow it?

How supported would you feel talking things through with an expert rather than getting proximity advice from friends and family who don’t have desired results?

What if you had someone to celebrate your BIG wins and who was cheering you on?

How much faster would you achieve your goals being called out on your self-imposed daily?
How much would you increase your focus being guided back to your most important projects when you start to squirrel out?
play me!


"...I know my expectations are going to be blown out of the water..."

Having me on speed dial is a powerful way of coaching that works…

Voxer voice coaching is an incredible tool for advice, insights, and clarity. Move through blocks and get instant momentum towards your goals—no more waiting for 1-1 lengthy calls or having to work through things on your own.

Here’s the thing: No one size fits all success blueprint exists because no two people or businesses are the same. I am here to help you find your unique path and wire your identity, beliefs, and energy to match. When you find an aligned strategy, resistance fades, and you are at ease and in flow with everything you want to accomplish. You enjoy the journey, create increased joy and inspiration, and feel the freedom you’ve always wanted.

Voxer Voice Coaching – where we make things happen!

Check out client breakthroughs below…

Tiffany’s clients have MASSIVE transformations daily.

Voxer coaching provides the daily support & accountability needed to succeed!

Get insights from someone who has been there, who gets it, and is extremely good at getting to the root issue so you can eradicate it for good and move forward with renewed determination.

The Perfect Coaching Option For Anyone Who…

Wants support in being decisive and taking massive action daily to achieve more.

Likes to be called out on their limiting assumptions to adopt new ways of thinking.
Wants to learn a sustainable way to higher levels of success without burnout.
Has a never-ending to-do list and gets caught up in what to focus on next.
Desires unique-to-you tools and strategies, not swipe files and cookie-cutter answers.
Is impatient! But seriously – is tired of procrastination and self-doubt creeping around.
Wants to bounce ideas off someone with proven results and be held accountable.
Wants to increase performance and energy but doesn’t know where to start.
Wants to be in the energy of a top-rated coach and powerful 7+ figure entrepreneur.

Here’s a Snapshot

Voxer voice coaching

What clients create in the Voxer voice coaching program.

Increased Performance

Scaled Revenue

Energized Health

Expanded Awareness

Mind Blowing Confidence

Daily Momentum

Leveled Up Habits

Elevated Relationships

Massive Mindset Shifts

Open Perspectives

Instant Solutions

Crystal Clear Clarity

Strong Decisiveness

Impeccable Follow Through

Monumental Action

Jaw-Dropping Ah-Ha Moments

Now think about your results…

What would happen if you had daily insights, perspective shifts, mindset transformations, and business traction? How much faster would you reach your potential?

Hi, I’m Tiffany Julie, a High Performance Success Coach + 7-Figure Entrepreneur. My superpower is helping you achieve extraordinary results.

Just a few weeks into coaching, I get the celebratory message from my clients that they don’t recognize their life and the person they’ve become! Let me help you step into another level of potential where the sky isn’t even the limit for you!

Let’s be real. Achieving the next level can be challenging on your own. You stay stuck in non-serving stories and behaviors longer than you need to because you can’t see what you can’t see. But having a mentor who will call out your blind spots daily will rocket you into another realm of success FAST.

Mind-blowing results are what we create in my world, which is why I was voted the Top Success & Business Coach by publications like Yahoo Finance, London Times, American Reporter, and The Coach Foundation!

Simply put — you’re in the right place

Get ready for some serious action-taking!

It’s a bold move to ask for help, knowledge, and guidance – not from just anyone but from someone who has proven results and the proper skill set to challenge you into showing up as the most unstoppable version of you! Getting into the habit of asking for what you want daily will fast-track your success and help you achieve your next level at an accelerated pace.

Don’t take my word for it

…scroll below to see examples of client daily discussions and breakthroughs!

Let’s create quantum leaps in your success!

Over the last decade, I’ve coached countless super achievers and discovered the skill-set that separates them from under-performers: their speed of decisiveness!

When you are unclear on what step to take, who to ask, or strategies that could help you solve challenges quickly, it causes analysis paralysis! That’s when overwhelm, inaction, and overthinking kick in, and you find yourself throwing spaghetti at the wall and second-guessing yourself.

All of that keeps you from creating traction.

Be honest. How many moments in your week feel like that? Imagine how much time, energy, money, and confidence you lose by not having someone who can help you quickly escape non-supportive behaviors.

But when you have a trained expert who knows how to ask the right questions to get clarity fast, it’s a game changer for your progress and helps you be effective and productive towards the right things.

Gift yourself this level of support by signing up for the Voxer Voice Coaching program, where you can message me daily with any question, concern, or challenge to work through it NOW instead of wasting time in indecision.

Voxer Voice Coaching

The way to massive GROWTH

Gain the support, insight, and perspective to shift and create strategy and transformation in your life and business. We will rewire your mind and identity, so you adopt automatic success habits that will help you achieve the next level quickly.

1 Week

Voxer Coaching

What’s Included

LOne Week Unlimited Voice Coaching

LHigh Performance Assessment

LWorkbooks, Trackers, Meditations & Resources

1 Month

Voxer Coaching

What’s Included

LOne Month Unlimited Voice Coaching

LHigh Performance Assessment

LWorkbooks, Trackers, Meditations & Resources

LHigh Performance Morning Mastery Course

3 Months

Voxer Coaching

What’s Included

LThree Months Unlimited Voice Coaching

LHigh Performance Assessment

LWorkbooks, Trackers, Meditations & Resources

LHigh Performance Morning Mastery Course
L90-minute 1-1 Breakthrough Call
(value $497)
Before we start…

Here’s How It Works

Step 01$


Once you book, you will receive an email with instructions on the next steps, where to download the Voxer app, and how to find me. You’ll have up to 48 hours to get onboarded and begin your coaching.

Bonus: You will receive a video training on how to get the most out of Voxer voice coaching, how to use it effectively, and technical bits about how to use the app.

Step 02$


You will get a link to complete a high performance assessment. This assessment will give us a holistic view of where you sit in life, business, money, and performance.

It will also allow me to get to know you, your business, current challenges, and goals so that I am fully prepared to dive straight in once we begin.

Step 03$


The day before we begin, I will check in to ensure you have access to my private Voxer channel and answer any questions you have about the journey ahead.

At this time, we will set an intention of the transformations and goals you would like to accomplish with my support. We will also go over how to make voice coaching effective for you.

What’s Included


Receive unlimited voice coaching Tuesday–Friday during office hours and receive real-time support. We will communicate through a mixture of voice and text messages. This is where you will achieve massive shifts in your life, performance, money, and business.


Each week I will help you set intentional goals that move the needle. We will create a clear, actionable plan to achieve those ambitions. At the end of the week, we will see what went well and didn’t, review what to do to become more effective and celebrate your wins, and anchor them into your identity


Without personal and business processes, life and business end up ruling our schedule and taking unnecessary time. I will review where your life or business seems messy or unorganized and give you templates, techniques, or procedures to help you set up solid foundations to scale from for more money and time freedom.


After coaching for a decade, my team and I have created countless resources. You get curated access to these materials to support your transformations, like meditations, activation audios, trackers, spreadsheets, and workbooks. This is one of my client’s favorite parts of working with me.


You can receive feedback on the assets you create for your business. This includes things like FB ad campaigns, email sequences, landing pages, freebies, or social media posts. I will review these assets and send feedback you get to keep for life. This feedback is worth the entire investment alone.

Here’s what this is NOT

Co-dependency coaching


This is NOT me “checking in” with you to see if you’ve done your homework or followed through on your commitments. I will teach you how to have a high level of self-leadership so you feel powerful AF.

This is NOT me telling you what you “should” do or “supposed” to do – I will brainstorm options and present strategies you may not know, but, ultimately, guide you to your intuition so you trust yourself on what feels in alignment with you!
This is NOT me researching for you or acting like Google. I will teach you how to be resourceful and creatively problem-solve so you feel empowered to find solutions independently.
This is NOT a constant chatting back and forth or a play-by-play of your life! I will help you develop and implement personal and business processes to feel solid in your support systems.

Here’s what this IS

Developing high performing success habits

Clarity You getting clarity to build a plan and feel solid in your path and vision ahead.

Energy You compounding momentum so that your energy and motivation stay high.

Courage You having the courage to be vulnerable and ask for help and build solid communication skills.

Mindset You getting rattled out of non-serving beliefs and installing new supportive ones.

Necessity You staying accountable to your goals and creating rewards and consequences for follow through.

Productivity You being more effective and working on the things that move the needle.

Influence You developing self-leadership and intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling, and actions toward your ambitions.

These success habits are guaranteed to radically transform your life and business!

To be honest, this is coaching you’ve never experienced before!

My clients LOVE the Voxer Voice Coaching program.

Hear what they have to say…


"...I had MASSIVE mindset shifts instantly. Just a 2 min voice note provides HUGE breakthroughs..."


"...When 2 people believe anything is possible, your confidence skyrockets, and the results follow..."


"...I've never felt more supported! Getting unlimited business feedback in real-time is priceless..."



How does it all work exactly?

Once payment is received, you will receive an email with instructions on the next steps, where to download the Voxer app, and how to find me. Within 48 hours we will begin our journey where you’ll receive unlimited access to me Tuesday–Friday between office hours to ask questions and get the support you need.

What topics can we discuss?

Absolutely anything. Nothing is off the table. The main categories are performance, any life arena, success principles, relationships, business, time management, strategy, mindset, money, habits, leadership, and anything else you may need.

How fast can I expect a response?

I am typically in Voxer multiple times daily as I have clients worldwide. You can expect a fast response, but I like to say within 24 hours just in case something comes up out of my control. However, typically within just a few hours. For more in-depth feedback that requires a video response or additional resources, the turnaround time from a request is 48 hours.

How many days a week are you available?

You have unlimited access Tuesday–Friday. Weekends are unavailable for coaching; however, you are more than welcome to send messages through as things come up, and we can discuss it on Tuesday when I return.

What if we are in different time zones?

Messages received outside of the regular Voxer office hours will be responded to as soon as possible. I pay attention to who’s in what time zones and do my best to give a fast reply.

I’ve never used Voxer before. Is it hard to use?

Voxer is super easy. If you’ve sent a voice note with What’s app or Facebook, it’s the same concept in Voxer. I also provide video training on how to use it effectively, so we aren’t wasting time. You can also ask me any questions about how to use the app once we start coaching however, the video training answers pretty much everything for you.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to go to the next level of success in their life, business, finances, or performance. It is for people who know they are meant for more and who desire to step into their potential. It’s meant for driven leaders who want to go BIG and who are ready to create a life and business that inspires them. So if you fit any of those, then this is for you!

Can I have a trial to see if this is right for me?

Yes, of course. The 1-week option for $297 allows you to test this coaching model, and if you enjoy this style. You can purchase a longer package once your week is up.

Can I purchase 1-1 coaching calls while In the Voxer coaching program?


Yes, of course. You can add (1) 90-minute breakthrough session every (3) months when you need to go deeper into something. Or we can discuss my High Performance Accelerator program because it includes Voxer coaching. To see the available options for life coaching (click here) or for business coaching (click here).

Can I discuss with you whether this is a good fit for me?

Yes, of course. You can email love @tiffanyjulie.com, and we would be happy to help answer any additional questions you have.

You were born to do BIG things. If you’ve made it this far down the page, you can’t deny this is for you.

The only thing standing in your way from achieving everything you want is ACTION. You deserve everything you desire; today can be the day you claim it
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