Gratitude Your Way To The Next Level

Mar, 2018 | Mindset

Gratitude Your Way To The Next Level

Mar 2, 2018 | Mindset

If you ever wake up feeling tired or not ready to face the day because you’re lacking the energy you need to conquer I want to share my secret weapon with you…

It’s gratitude.

My morning routine is precious to me, its the foundation to my day, and I protect this time like I would protect my kids if I had any. The most important part of that routine is my 10 minutes of gratitude.

Gratitude is SO important to get into the practice of doing. To me it’s a non negotiable.

What I know to be true is that gratitude opens up your heart, fills up your soul, and aids you in being open to receive all the gifts this universe has in store for you. By giving gratitude for what you have now in your life you attract more of the good in.

Remember what you focus on grows…

So If you are always thinking about everything you don’t have than you will keep getting less of what you desire.

Gratitude is like having a thank you conversation with the universe! What I know to be true is there is no better way to start a conversation off than with a thank you.

How I practice gratitude…

I start off with 5 minutes of meditation, than I write down at least 5-10 things I am grateful for in my life right now.

The meditation I do is simple. I listen a beautiful song and let the things I’m grateful come in. By connecting with your higher power often times you’ll get flooded with things that you might not have seen otherwise.

When I am finished with that I pull out my gratitude journal and write down at least 5 things I am grateful for. Trust me after the meditation you will always have a lot more than that, but 5 is a good place to start with.

By doing this its like a jump start to my energy. This fills me up and gets my day started off with light, love, and so much joy. It’s a great practice to get into and after I started doing this I have to say WAY MORE great things started to come my way. 🙂

I encourage you to try this out and see what comes up for you. It’s only 10 minutes!

If you need help with this, or you don’t know where the time will come in the morning to start practicing gratitude shoot me an email at or tell us in the FB group here..

I am known as a “reframe queen” so trust me I’ll find the time for you somewhere. <3

Much Love,
Tiffany Julie XOXO


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2018 CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

Work With Me
2018 CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

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