Scale Bigger & Faster With 90 Day Business Sprints

Jun, 2018 | Productivity, Weekly Training

Scale Bigger & Faster With 90 Day Business Sprints

Jun 14, 2018 | Productivity, Weekly Training

Being an entrepreneur is awesome but can also be overwhelming when you have so much going on and lots of ideas flowing constantly. It’s so important to your bank account and sanity to have a plan.

Problem is when you wake up without a plan your to-do list ends up looking WAY unrealistic kinda like mine used to be. It’s human nature to look at a list like this and start with the easiest things first. But what’s dangerous is these tasks are typically business admin or maintenance tasks which don’t actually move your business forward.

What ends up happening is you burn out on the easy things not leaving enough energy to tackle the things that really matter. The business building tasks typically end up moving from week to weeks to do list but never actually get accomplished. This keeps you stuck, frustrated, and with a non-growing bank account. Trust me I’ve been there. I went 8 months without making a dollar online because of this.

In this week’s training, I teach you how to destroy your traditional To Do list that is most likely causing you overwhelm, confusion and a lot of frustration. In this video, we are going to replace it with 90-day business sprints! When I started doing this my world changed FOREVER. I instantly had massive momentum, achieved WAY more, actually enjoyed my work, decreased overwhelm tremendously and my bank account grew commas immediately because I was actually moving my business forward each day.

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Here’s the summary of how to do it.

Step 1.
List the dream projects you wish to achieve over the next 90 days. *You should only be working on 3-5 projects at a time. If you wrote down more than that you can decide by rating the projects with the number of leads you can potentially get. Choose the ones that produce the most leads first.

Step 2.
Grab a large piece of paper and write 3 blocks. Business building, business maintenance, and calendar sections. In the business, building section write your 3-5 main projects and tasks associated with getting that done.

Step 3.
Write down an estimated amount of time it will take to complete each task next to the task. Add up the total amount of time to complete all projects under business building section.

Step 4.
Write all your daily tasks in the business maintenance category. Put time frames next to each task and ass up the total amount of hours needed to maintain the business.

Step 5.
Under the calendar section label the next 3 months. Add up the total amount of working days in the month.

Step 6.
List your projects in order and fill in the working days according to the time frames listed.

Step 7.
Schedule into Google Calendar, Trello, or your Spreadsheet.

Be sure to watch the FULL training here. I explain in detail and demonstrate the steps live with you so you understand how simple this really can be.

I can almost guarantee if you do this your business will see massive results in its bank account and you will feel WAY frigin better. NO MORE OVERWHELM. Think about how awesome it’s going to feel when you wake up each day knowing what to tackle and knowing it will move your business in the right direction.

Comment below and let me know what is the #1 thing you struggle with actually creating a plan for your business. As always I am super excited to support you along your journey to success. I can’t wait to see all your results. Be sure to drop your results below.

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2018 CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

Work With Me
2018 CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

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