5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Productivity By 33% This Week

Aug, 2018 | Mindset, Motivation, Productivity, Weekly Training

Let’s face it we all have a lot on our plate and sometimes it can feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all accomplished. Trust me I’ve been there too many times to count. Problem is when we focus on not having enough time we actually create our own destiny of not having enough time.

Remember like attracts like.

Think about the last time when you felt there wasn’t enough time. Did you feel overwhelmed with everything you had to get done? The answer almost always is YES. And did things just magically appear in your day that seemed to slow you down even more? Probably. Because your energy was attracting those things.

When you are feeling overwhelmed you end up clouding your mind and slowing yourself down. Overwhelm is one of the lowest vibrational energies we can feel. Trust me I know because I used to be the overwhelm Queen.

Think about it. If you are consistently focused on not “having enough” then you are in lack energy. Lack energy isn’t abundant, lack energy actually shrinks our perspective and steals our productivity.

I’ve spent the last year of my life studying and learning from super successful 7-8 figure business owners on how they get so much done. And today I’m going to teach you the 5 strategies from that research that are the easiest to implement and produce the most results.

So here they are in a nutshell.

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1: Get 50 minutes more of sleep per night.

This concept is so basic but what science tells us is that most of the world isn’t sleeping enough. I know you probably think you’ve got this down but the reality is you probably don’t. 90% of people don’t have their sleep on lock! Regular sleep routines and the quality of sleep you get directly affects those frazzled, overwhelmed feelings you may feel. It affects your cognitive ability and emotional ability to deal with stress and worst of all your ability to focus for a duration of time decreases. If you increase your sleep by 50 minutes your cognitive scores go up by 20% the next day. So basically you become 20% more ready to handle tomorrow. How does that sound?

2: Clean up energy drains.

I want you to think of your energy as a tank of gas. You want to keep that expensive precious gas in the tank and not waste it on unnecessary trips right? Well start to think about where your energy is going. Is there anything that can be systematize, automated or eliminated? What is a negative stressor that is taking your energy? A person you argue with a lot? A negative situation that causes you to stress? Start to eliminate these things from your reality and you can reinvest that energy into something that’s important to you.

3: 60 minute morning PowerBlock.

We have to fuel ourselves before we can give to others. Having 60 Minutes in the morning to fuel your mind, body, and spirit will give you the energy to conquer the day feeling energized and fulfilled. When we try to give from an empty cup it’s ugly and not pleasant for anyone involved. Try getting up just an hour earlier and make a list of what would light your soul on fire. Maybe it’s a 20 minute workout followed by some stretching and meditation? The possibilities are endless. Start to make your list today.

4: Have Block Times in your schedule.

Block time is GOLD. I set up at least 3- 5 50 minute block time sessions during my day. This is uninterrupted time where I do something that needs my ultimate focus. NO Facebook, NO Instagram, NO email, NO notifications. Just 50 minutes with me and the project at hand. It’s my time to create and move the needle forward on projects, life mastery or household chores. As you get better with your focused attention you can add more block times to be even more productive. You will be surprised at how much you get accomplished by adding even just one 50 minute time Block in your day.

5: Breaks every 50 minutes.

Your mind is amazing but it needs a reboot. Think about your brain like a computer. If you have too many applications open it runs slower right? Your brain is the same way. It’s easy for us to think we are being productive when multitasking but it actually clogs our brain up and slows it down. Try getting up after each task or 50 minute time block and taking a quick walk, have a drink of water, or do some stretching. Release the finished project at hand and set intention for the next task. This will help you too close the applications in your mind as necessary. Keeping open loops open only slows you down.

Once I started practicing these techniques I saw massive momentum in my business, energy and clarity. I was able to get my first online business on autopilot and start not 1 but 2 more businesses. There is no way I would be able to be running 3 businesses today without having these hacks in place.

I also share these strategies with my clients and one client produced 6 weeks of extra time with in just 8 weeks of practicing what I am about to teach you. Think about what you could do with an extra 6 weeks of time? Would you go on vacation with the family? Play cards with the hubby? Reinvest the time back into your business? The possibilities are endless here and I want you to see these results.

So be sure to watch the video training above. It will be the best time you spent all week I can promise.

Share this video with a friend who lives in overwhelm. We all have one of those friends. Let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway was. I love hearing your feedback. Cheers to you smashing through that to-do list with ease.

Much love,
Tiffany Julie XOXO

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Work With Me
2018 CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

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