3 Tips To Becoming Confident With Your Pricing

Feb, 2018 | Mindset

3 Tips To Becoming Confident With Your Pricing

Feb 7, 2018 | Mindset

Does the topic of money make your mouth dry and your hands sweaty? Do you dread that point in the conversation when someone says, “So what do you charge?”

You’re definitely not alone. Most of us have a difficult time talking about money, especially when it comes to quoting prices for our own work. Trust me I had MASSIVE issues with this in the beginning of my coaching business.

I was used to selling products online but never selling myself and the transformation I could help facilitate in others lives. It was painful a huge hill to climb over. These 3 tips are exactly what I did to get over myself and the minute I did the sales started rolling in. The little gems below have helped me to start discussing my prices like a pro. 🙂 Implement them today and you can too.

1: Practice

Practice every chance you get. Talk to yourself in the shower, on car rides, while working out, talk to your dog, while eating lunch and so on. Every chance you get speak about your prices out loud.

The most powerful exercise is standing in front of the mirror and saying what your rates are. Your mind, body, and soul will listen to you more definitely while looking at yourself. It’s more believable on a subconscious level.

2: Smile

Smile, even while on the phone. Smiling is a physical way to change your state of being. Smile while you say your rates out loud even alone. This will also help program your subconscious to understand you are confident with your pricing.

Your tone of voice changes when your smiling, even while typing, even while on the phone. The tone you use can convey clearly whether or not you are confident, and have authority.

3: AVOID Being Wishy-washy

Listen to yourself speak to potential clients. Do you say things like, “Well, normally I charge….” or “Actually my rates are….” or “Do you think XXX will work for you?”.

These are terms we tend to lean on when not confident and are very wishy washy. These statements do not convey confidence, professionalism, and worse of all make you sound like you don’t believe in yourself.

Think about it, would you hire someone who doesn’t believe in themselves? Probably not, so it’s time to get clear and confident about your pricing.

You can flip these statements with something like “I charge 1000$ a month for my VIP package, where can I send you the invoice?”

Next step is to be silent. When we are nervous or feeling timid we tend to talk. We want to fill the silence with something, anything, just to avoid having to sit there uncomfortably and wonder what the other person is thinking.

But guess what? He/She is also uncomfortable with the silence, and psychologically the one who speaks first is at a disadvantage. Avoid breaking the silence and let your potential client say the first words.

Will being more confident about your pricing land you every client, probably not, however you will tend to convert at a higher rate than if not.

So I encourage you to start working on this today. I am curious what do you do to be confident while discussing your prices? Email me if you are having trouble with this at tiffany@tiffanyjulie.com or come tell us in the FB group..

Much Love,
Tiffany Julie XOXO


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2018 CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

Work With Me
2018 CAN BE YOUR GREAT BIG YEAR AND IT STARTS WITH ONE SMALL STEP TODAY… Book a call here and let’s have a conversation.

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